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...books on Bike Racing

1,000 Miles in 12 Days : Pro Cyclists on Tour;
David Hautzig; Library Binding; $16.99

Bicycle Race;
Donald Crews; Hardcover; $14.40

Bicycle Race Vol 1;
Donald Crews; Library Binding; $15.93

Bicycle Road Racing : The Complete Program for Training and Competition;
Edward Borysewicz, Ed. Pavelka; Paperback; $22.46

Bicycling Magazine's Complete Guide to Riding and Racing Techniques;
Fred Matheny; Paperback; $13.45

Bicycling Magazine's Ride Like a Pro;
Editors of Bicycling Magazine, Bicycling Magazine; Paperback; $6.25

Bicycling Magazine's Training for Fitness and Endurance (Bicycling Magazine);
Joe Kita, Bicycling Magazine; Paperback; $8.05

The Big Bike Race;
Lucy Jane Bledsoe, Sterling Brown; Hardcover; $12.55

Bmx Biking (Learning How);
Sue Boulais, Jody James; Hardcover; $19.93

Bmx Racing (Action Sports);
Bill Gutman, Gork; School & Library Binding; $16.56

Bmx Racing : A Step-By-Step Guide (Be the Best!);
Rod Alexander; Paperback; $2.66

Breaking Away;
Christopher Den; VHS Tape; $59.99

Champion : Bicycle Racing in the Age of Miguel Indurain;
Samuel Abt; Paperback; $11.65

Cycle Racing (Know the Sport);
Roger St. Pierre; Paperback; $5.35

Cycling (Sports World);
Donna Bailey; Library Binding; $21.40

Greg Lemond's Complete Book of Bicycling;
Greg Lemond, Kent Gordis; Paperback; $12.60

Hearts of Lions : The History of American Bicycle Racing;
Peter Nye, Eric Heiden; Paperback; $12.60

Kings of the Road : A Portrait of Racers and Racing;
Robin MacGowan, et al; Hardcover; $23.36

Olympic Dream Vol 1;
Matt Christopher, Karen Meyer; Hardcover; $14.35

Olympic Dream;
Matt Christopher, et al; Paperback; $3.56

Racing to Disaster (Hardy Boys No, 126);
Franklin W. Dixon; Paperback; $3.59

Science of Cycling;
Edmund R. Burke; Paperback; $15.26

David M. Schwartz, et al; Hardcover; $14.40

David M. Schwatz, et al; Library Binding; $15.93

Tour De France;
Skip Berry; Library Binding; $14.95

...books on Mt. Bikes

Beginning Mountain Biking (Beginning Sports);
Julie Jensen, et al; Library Binding; $19.95

Fundamental Mountain Biking (Fundamental Sports);
Andy King; Library Binding; $19.95

Mountain Bike Emergency Repair;
Tim Toyoshima; Paperback; $7.15

The Mountain Bike Experience : A Complete Introduction to the Joys of Off-Road Riding;
Dave King, Michael Kaminer; Paperback; $15.26

Mountain Bike Magazine's Complete Guide to Mountain Biking Skills : Expert Tips on Conquering Curves, Corners, Dips, Descents, Hills, Water Hazards an Vol 1;
Bicycling Magazines, et al; Paperback; $13.45

Mountain Biking (Action Sports);
Bill Gutman, Shawn Frederick; School & Library Binding; $16.56

Pro Mountain Biker : The Complete Manual of Mountain Biking-Bikes, Accessories, and Techniques;
Jeremy Evans, Brant Richards; Paperback; $19.76

Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance;
Lennard Zinn, Leonard Zinn; Paperback; $17.96

..more books on Cycling

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