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..more books on Nutrition

The Longevity Factor : Chromium Picolinate;
Richard A. Passwater, Richard Passwater; Paperback; $4.45

Low-Fat Handbook : Trim Fat from Your Life;
Arline McDonald, et al; Paperback; $7.19

The Lunch Book : A Fit Kid's Guide to Making Delicious and Nutritious Lunches (And Nutritious Lunches/With Lunch Bag and Wall Chart);
Kinny Kreiswirth, Jolene Bodily; Paperback; $11.65

MacRobiotic Diet;
Michio Kushi, et al; Paperback; $18.90

The Male Almanac : Essential New Information About Sex, Fitness and Other Male Stuff;
Michael Lafavore; Paperback; $8.95

The Male Almanac : Essential New Information About Sex, Food, Fitness, Health and Life;
Michael Lafavore; Paperback; $8.95

Managing Your Mind and Mood Through Food;
Judith J. Wurtman, Judith Wurtman; Paperback; $11.70

Maximize Your Body Potential : 16 Weeks to a Lifetime of Effective Weight Management;
Joyce D. Nash, Joyce Nash; Paperback; $17.06

Maximize Your Health-Span With Antioxidants : The Baby-Boomer's Guide;
Carmia Borek; Paperback; $4.45

Mayo Clinic Diet Manual : A Handbook of Nutrition Practices;
Jennifer K. Nelson, et al; Paperback; $69.95

McDougall Plan;
John A. McDougall, Mary A. McDougall; Paperback; $10.75

The McDougall Program for a Healthy Heart : A Life-Saving Approach to Preventing and Treating Heart Disease;
John A., Md McDougall, et al; Hardcover; $22.46

Meals That Heal : A Nutraceutical Approach to Diet and Health;
Lisa Turner; Paperback; $17.96

Meals That Heal for Babies, Toddlers, and Children;
Eileen Behan; Paperback; $10.80

Meals Without Squeals : Child Care Feeding Guide and Cookbook;
Christine Berman, Jacki Fromer; Paperback; $14.35

Medical Nutrition and Disease;
Gail Morrison, Lisa Hark; Paperback; $69.95

Marcus B. Sorenson, Marc Sorenson; Hardcover; $22.46

Mental and Elemental Nutrients : A Physician's Guide to Nutrition and Health Care;
Carl Curt. Pfeiffer, Carl C. Pfeiffer; Hardcover; $25.16

Michael Jordan;
Bill Gutman; Paperback; $3.59

Milk, Money, and Madness : The Culture and Politics of Breastfeeding;
Naomi Baumslag, Dia L. Michels; Hardcover; $24.26

Minding Your Body : 100 Ways to Live and Be Well;
Joseph S. Rechtschaffen, Robert Carola; Mass Market Paperback; $5.39

Minding Your Body : 100 Ways to Live and Be Well;
Joseph S. Rechtschaffen, Robert Carola; Hardcover; $16.20

The Miracle Foods Cookbook : Easy, Low-Cost Recipes and Menus With Antioxidant-Rich Vegetables and Fruits That Help You Lose Weight, Fight Disease, a;
M.J. Smith; Paperback; $11.65

The Miracle Nutrient : Coenzyme Q10;
Bliznakov Emile G. Md, et al; Mass Market Paperback; $5.85

The Miracle Nutrient Cookbook : 100 Delicious Antioxidant-Enriched Recipes and Menu Suggestions for Optimum Health;
Tamara Holt, Maureen Callahan; Paperback; $10.80

Mr. Sugar Came to Town : LA Visita Del Sr. Azucar;
Harriet Rohmer, et al; Paperback; $6.25

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook;
Nancy Clark; Paperback; $14.35

Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook;
Nancy Clark; Paperback; $13.45

Natural Energy Boosters;
Carlson Wade; Paperback; $9.85

Natural Health, Natural Medicine : A Comprehensive Manual for Wellness and Self-Care;
Andrew Weil; Paperback; $10.75

Natural Methods for Equine Health;
Mary W. Bromiley, et al; Paperback; $24.95

Never Be Tired Again!;
David C. Gardner, Grace Joely Beatty; Paperback; $10.80

The New Book of Food Combining : A Completely New Approach to Healthy Eating;
Jan Dries; Paperback; $8.95

The New Laurel's Kitchen : A Handbook for Vegetarian Cookery and Nutrition;
Laurel Robertson, et al; Paperback; $26.96

The New Living Heart Diet;
Michael E. Debakey, et al; Paperback; $14.40

The New Supernutrition;
Richard A. Passwater; Mass Market Paperback; $6.29

The New York City Marathon Cookbook : Nutrition Tips and Recipes for High-Energy Eating and Lifelong Health;
Nancy Clark, et al; Hardcover; $17.96

Nine-Day Inner Cleansing and Blood Wash for Renewed Youthfulness and Health;
I. E., Gaumont, Harold E. Buttram; Hardcover; $23.36

Nourishing Wisdom : A Mind/Body Approach to Nutrition and Well-Being;
Marc David; Paperback; $9.90

The Nutribase Complete Book of Food Counts;
Art Ulene; Paperback; $6.25

The Nutribase Complete Fast Food Restaurant Nutrition Counter;
Art, Dr Ulene, Art Ulene; Paperback; $5.35

The Nutribase Nutrition Facts Desk Reference;
Art, Dr. Ulene, Ed Prestwood; Paperback; $16.16

Nutrient Management of Food Animals to Enhance and Protect the Environment;
E. T. Kornegay, John Lee Pratt International Symposium on nutri; Hardcover; $79.95

Nutrient Requirements of Beef Cattle (Nutrient Requirements of Domestic Animals (Unnumbered).);
National Research Council; Paperback; $29.95

Nutrition (Encyclopedia of Health Series);
Ann Galperin, Anne Galperin; Library Binding; $19.95

Nutrition (New True Books);
Leslie Jean Lemaster; School & Library Binding; $17.10

Nutrition : Essentials and Diet Therapy;
Nancy J. Peckenpaugh, Charlotte M. Poleman; Paperback; $27.95

Nutrition : What's in the Food We Eat;
Dorothy Hinshaw Patent, William Munoz; School & Library Binding; $14.35

Nutrition Almanac;
Lavon J. Dunne, et al; Paperback; $14.35

Nutrition Almanac (4th Ed);
Gayla J. Kirschmann, et al; Paperback; $15.26

Nutrition and Cancer Prevention (Modern Nutrition);
Ronald R. Watson, et al; Hardcover; $110.00

Nutrition and Diagnosis-Related Care;
Sylvia Escott-Stump; Hardcover; $42.00

Nutrition and Diet Therapy Reference Dictionary;
Rosalinda T. Lagua, Virginia S. Claudio; Hardcover; $65.00

Nutrition and Disease : Looking for the Link (A Venture Book);
D.J. Arneson; School & Library Binding; $19.80

Nutrition and Evolution : Food in Evolution and the Future;
Michael Crawford, David Marsh; Paperback; $14.35

Nutrition and Health : Topics and Controversies (CRC Series on Modern Nutrition);
Felix Bronner; Hardcover; $52.95

Nutrition and Mental Illness : An Orthomolecular Approach to Balancing Body Chemistry;
Carl Curt Pfeiffer, Carl C. Pfeiffer; Paperback; $11.65

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration : A Comparison of Primitive and Modern Diets and Their Effects;
Weston Andrew Price, Weston A. Price; Hardcover; $35.96

Nutrition and the Brain (Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Drugs Series 2);
Edward Edelson, Solomon Snyder; Library Binding; $19.95

Nutrition and the Female Athlete (Nutrition in Exercise and Sport);
Jaime S. Ruud; Hardcover; $39.95

Nutrition and the Mind;
Gary Null; Paperback; $13.45

The Nutrition Bible : The Comprehensive, No-Nonsense Guide to Foods, Nutrients, Additives, Preservatives, Pollutants, and Everything Else We Eat and;
Jean Anderson, Barbara Deskins; Hardcover; $27.00

The Nutrition Challenge for Women;
Louise Lambert-Lagace, Louise Lambert-Lagave; Paperback; $11.65

The Nutrition Desk Reference;
Robert H., Jr Garrison, et al; Hardcover; $25.16

Nutrition During Pregnancy and Lactation : An Implementation Guide;
Institute Of Medicine; Paperback; $11.65

Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy : The Complete Guide to Eating Before, During, and After Your Pregnancy ('a Henry Holt Reference Book);
Elizabeth Somer; Paperback; $13.45

Nutrition for the Foodservice Professional;
Karen Eich Drummond, Karen Eich Drummon; Hardcover; $44.95

Nutrition for the Foodservice Professional;
Karen Eich, M.S. Drummond; Hardcover; $44.95

Nutrition for the Recreational Athlete (Nutrition in Exercise and Sport);
Catherine G. Ratzin Jackson, Catherine G. Jackson Ph.D.; Hardcover; $74.95

Nutrition in Primary Care : A Handbook for Gps, Nurses, and Primary Health Care Professionals;
Briony Thomas; Paperback; $29.95

Nutrition in Women's Health;
Debra A. Krummel, et al; Hardcover; $49.00

Nutrition Secrets of the Ancients : Foods and Recipes for Optimum Health in the New Millenium;
Gene Spiller, et al; Hardcover; $20.66

The Nutrition Superbook : The Good Fats and Oils Vol 2;
Jean Barilla; Hardcover; $22.46

Nutrition, Diet Therapy, and the Nursing Process;
Carroll A. Lutz, Karen Przytulski; Paperback; $29.95

Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Health in Early Life : Studies in Preschool Children (Nutrition in Exercise and Sport);
Jana Parizkova, Jana Parizkova M.D.; Hardcover; $69.95

The Nutrition-Fitness Link : How Diet Can Help Your Body and Mind (A Teen Nutrition Book);
Charles A. Salter; Library Binding; $16.40

Nutritional Concerns of Women (Modern Nutrition);
Ira Wolinsky, et al; Hardcover; $39.95

Nutritional Diseases (Bodies in Crisis);
Jon Zonderman, Laurel, M.D. Shader; Library Binding; $15.98

Nutritional Influences on Illness : A Sourcebook of Clinical Research;
Melvyn Werbach, Melvyn R. Werbach; Paperback; $22.46

Nutritional Needs in Cold and in High-Altitude Environments : Applications for Military Personnel in Field Operations;
Bernadette M. Marriott, et al; Paperback; $39.00

Omega 3 Oils : To Improve Mental Health, Fight Degenerative Diseases, and Extend Your Life;
Donald Rudin, et al; Paperback; $10.75

Overcoming Overeating;
Rick Guyton; Paperback; $28.99

Overcoming the Legacy of Overeating : How to Change Your Negative Eating Habits;
Nan Kathryn Fuchs, Nan Kathryn Fuuchs; Paperback; $14.40

Parents' Nutrition Bible : A Guide to Raising Healthy Children/137;
Earl Mindell; Paperback; $9.00

The Pdr Family Guide to Nutrition and Health/With Fat, Chlesterol, and Calorie Counter Guide;
Medical Economics Data; Paperback; $23.36

Peak-Performance Living;
Joel C. Robertson, et al; Hardcover; $20.70

Pediatric Nutrition Handbook (Chapman & Hall Nutrition Handbooks, No 3) Vol 3;
Jil Feldhausen, et al; Paperback; $16.95

Play Hard Eat Right : A Parents' Guide to Sports Nutrition for Children;
Debbi Sowell Jennings, Suzanne Nelson Steen; Paperback; $9.85

Pocket Guide to Good Food : A Shopper's Resource (The Crossing Press Pocket Series);
Margaret M. Wittenberg; Paperback; $6.25

Pocket Guide to Nutritional Care;
Mary Courtney Moore; Paperback; $21.95

The Pocket Powter : Questions and Answers to Help You Change the Way You Look and Feel Forever;
Susan Powter; Paperback; $6.29

The Pocket Vitamin Guide;
Susan Kagen Podell; Paperback; $2.69

Pol Koenig's Basic Book of Vitamin Health;
Pol Koenig, Nicole Marchal; Paperback; $8.99

Poor Eaters : Helping Children Who Refuse to Eat;
Joel MacHt; Hardcover; $19.95

Power Foods : High-Performance Nutrition for High-Performance People;
Liz Applegate; Paperback; $12.55

The Power of Your Plate : A Plan for Better Living Eating Well for Better Health-20Experts Tell You How!;
Neal D. Barnard; Paperback; $11.65

The Pregnancy Cookbook;
Hope Ricciotti, Vincent Connelly; Paperback; $13.45

The Pregnancy Cookbook : Easy Recipes for Nine Months of Healthy Eating;
Marsha Hudnall, Donna Shields; Mass Market Paperback; $4.49

The Pregnancy Nutrition Counter;
Annette B. Natow, Jo-Ann Heslin; Mass Market Paperback; $5.39

Preventive and Therapeutic Nutrition Handbook (Chapman & Hall Nutrition Handbooks, 2);
Cynthia Thomson, et al; Paperback; $16.95

Preventing Childhood Eating Problems : A Practical, Positve Approach to Raising Kids Free of Food & Weight Conflicts;
Jane R. Hirschmann, et al; Paperback; $8.95

Prevention Magazine's Nutrition Advisor : The Ultimate Guide to the Health-Boosting and Health-Harming Factors in Your Diet;
Mark Bricklin, Prevention Magazine Editors; Paperback; $16.16

Prevention's Food and Nutrition : The Most Complete Book Ever Written on Using Food and Vitamins to Feel Healthy and Cure Disease;
Editors of Prevention Magazine, Prevention Magazine Editors; Mass Market Paperback; $7.19

Prevention's Super Foods Cookbook : 250 Delicious Recipes Using Nature's Healthiest Foods;
Prevention Magazine, et al; Hardcover; $22.46

The Profession of Dietetics : A Team Approach;
June Payne-Palacio, Deborah D. Canter; Paperback; $39.00

The Professional Chef's Techniques of Healthy Cooking;
Mary Deirdre Donovan, Culinary Institute Of America; Hardcover; $44.96

Professor Protein's Fhhart : Fitness, Health, Hygiene, and Relaxation Tonic;
Steve Parker, Rob Shone; Paperback; $6.25

Professor Protein's Health and Fitness;
Steve Parker, Rob Shone; Library Binding; $16.90

Protein and Energy : A Study of Changing Ideas in Nutrition;
Kenneth J. Carpenter; Hardcover; $42.95

Protein Power : The Metabolic Breakthrough;
Michael R., Md Eades, et al; Hardcover; $19.76

Proteins (Food Facts);
Jane Inglis; Library Binding; $17.50

Proteins (Food Power!);
Alvin, Dr. Silverstein, et al; Library Binding; $15.40

Putting It All Together : The New Orthomolecular Nutrition;
Abram Hoffer, et al; Paperback; $16.16

The Pyramid Cookbook : Pleasures of the Food Guide Pyramid;
Pat Baird; Paperback; $13.45

Quick Fixes to Change Your Life : Making Healthy Choices;
Judy Ann Walz, Judy Walz; Paperback; $9.85

Raising Your Child Without Milk : Reassuring Advice and Recipes for Parents of Lactose-Intolerant and Milk-Allergic Children;
Jane Zukin; Paperback; $15.26

The Real Life Nutrition Book : Making the Right Food Choices Without Changing Your Life-Style;
Susan Finn, et al; Paperback; $13.50

The Really Simple, No Nonsense Nutrition Guide;
Edward R. Blonz; Paperback; $8.05

Recipes for Change : Gourmet Wholefood Cooking for Health and Vitality at Menopause;
Lissa Deangelis, Molly Siple; Hardcover; $25.16

Recipes for Health : Hyperactive Child : Over 150 Recipes to Help Hyperactivity and Other Food Intolerances;
Janet Ash, Dulcie Roberts; Paperback; $9.00

Recipes for Life : From the Kitchens of Healthy Choice Foods;
Healthy Choice Foods Staff; Hardcover; $22.46

Reclaim Your Health : Nutritional Strategies for Conquering Chronic Ailments;
David J. Frahm, et al; Paperback; $10.80

Recommended Dietary Allowances;
National Academy Press Food and Nutrition Board, National Research Council; Paperback; $15.26

Recommended Dietary Allowances;
National Research Council, . Committee on Dietary Allowances; Hardcover; $22.46

Revitalize Your Life After 50 : Improve Your Looks, Your Health, and Your Sex Life;
Jack Lalanne; Paperback; $12.55

Robert Crayhon's Nutrition Made Simple : A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Findings in Optimal Nutrition;
Robert Crayhon, Ann Louise Gittleman; Hardcover; $17.96

Robert Crayhon's Nutrition Made Simple : A Comprehensive Guide to the Latest Findings in Optimal Nutrition;
Robert Crayhon, Ann Louise Gittleman; Paperback; $11.65

Rose Reisman's Enlightened Home Cooking;
Rose Reisman; Paperback; $17.06

The Saturday Evening Post Antioxidant Cookbook;
Cory Servaas, et al; Paperback; $13.49

The Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine : How to Remedy and Prevent Disease With Herbs, Vitamins, Minerals, and Other Nutrients;
Daniel B. Mowrey; Paperback; $13.45

Secrets of Lactose-Free Cooking : Over 150 Delicious Dairy-Free and Lactose-Reduced Recipes-From Breakfast to Dinner;
Arlene Burlant; Paperback; $12.55

Secrets of Natural Healing With Food : Wellness and Body Chemistry;
Nancy Appleton; Paperback; $9.85

The Serotonin Solution : The Potent Substance That Can Help You Stop Bingeing, Lose Weight, and Feel Great;
Judith J. Wurtman, et al; Hardcover; $21.60

Sexual Nutrition : How to Nutritionally Improve, Enhance, and Stimulate Your Sexual Appetite (A Dr. Morton Walker Health Book);
Morton Walker; Paperback; $8.95

Shopping for Health : A Nutritionist's Aisle-By-Aisle Guide to Smart, Low-Fat Choices at the Supermarket;
Suzanne Havala, Dean Ornish; Paperback; $6.29

The Simple Path to Health : A Guide to Oriental Nutrition and Well-Being;
Kim Le, Kim, Phd Le; Paperback; $11.65

The Simple Soybean and Your Health;
Mark Messina, et al; Paperback; $11.65

Skim the Fat : A Practical and Up-To-Date Food Guide;
American Dietetic Association; Paperback; $9.85

Sliced/State-Of-The-Art Nutrition for Building Lean Body Mass;
Bill Reynolds, Negrita Jayde; Paperback; $13.45

Small Helpings : A Complete Guide to Feeding Babies, Toddlers and Young Children;
Annabel Karmel, Sallie Davies; Hardcover; $13.45

Smart Eating : Choosing Wisely, Living Lean;
Covert Bailey, Ronda Gates; Hardcover; $17.96

Sociologies of Food and Nutrition (Environment, Development, and Public Policy. Public Policy and Social Services);
Wm. Alex McIntosh; Hardcover; $45.00

Soft Steps to a Hard Body/98 Proven Ways to Reduce and Reshape;
Ellington, Ph.D. Darden, Ellington Daeden; Paperback; $8.95

Sports Nutrition : A Guide for the Professional Working With Active People;
Dan, Phd Benardot; Paperback; $39.95

Sports Nutrition : Minerals and Electrolytes (Nutrition in Exercise and Sport);
Constance V. Kies, Judy A. Driskell; Hardcover; $87.95

Sports Nutrition for Women : A Practical Guide for Active Women;
Anita Bean, Peggy Wellington; Paperback; $20.66

Stable Isotopes in Human Nutrition : Inorganic Nutrient Metabolism;
Fred Mellon, Brittmarie Sandstrom; Hardcover; $56.00

Staying Healthy With Nutrition : The Complete Guide to Diet and Nutritional Medicine;
Elson M. Haas; Paperback; $31.46

Stop the Insanity!;
Susan Powter; Mass Market Paperback; $6.29

Sub-Saharan Africa : From Crisis to Sustainable Growth : A Long-Term Perspective Study;
Paperback; $12.95

Sugar-Free Toddlers : Over 100 Recipes Plus Sugar Ratings for Store-Bought Foods;
Susan Watson, Loretta Trezzo; Paperback; $8.95

Sugars (Food Facts);
Rhoda Nottridge; Library Binding; $17.50

Super Healing Foods;
Frances Sheridan Goulart; Paperback; $11.65

Super Nutrition for Men : And the Women Who Love Them;
Ann Louise Gittleman, Susan Stockton; Hardcover; $17.96

Supercut : Nutrition for the Ultimate Physique Vol 1;
Bill Reynolds, Joyce L. Vedral; Paperback; $12.55

Superfoods : 300 Recipes for Foods That Heal Body and Mind;
Dolores Riccio; Hardcover; $24.26

Superfoods for Women : 300 Recipes That Fulfill Your Special Nutritional Needs Vol 1;
Dolores Riccio; Hardcover; $19.76

Superimmunity for Kids;
Leo, M.D. Galland, et al; Paperback; $13.45

The Supermarket Nutrition Counter;
Annette B. Natow, Jo-Ann Heslin; Mass Market Paperback; $5.39

Sweet Kids : How to Balance Diabetes Control and Good Nutrition With Family Peace;
Betty Page Brackenridge, et al; Paperback; $13.45

Take Control of Your Health : A Woman's Guide to Staying Well at Any Age;
Julia Hansen; Paperback; $11.65

Taking the Fear Out of Eating : A Nutritionists' Guide to Sensible Food Choices;
Charlette R. Gallagher, et al; Paperback; $14.35

The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster : Continuously Advertised Nutritionally Deficient Yummies!;
Vicky Lansky, et al; Paperback; $7.15

The Target Diet (Covert Bailey's Fit or Fat);
Fit or Fat; VHS Tape; $14.99

Tasting Food, Tasting Freedom : Excursions into Eating, Culture, and the Past;
Sidney W. Mintz; Hardcover; $17.60

A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian;
Judy Krizmanic, et al; Paperback; $7.19

A Teen's Guide to Going Vegetarian;
Judy Krizmanic, Matthew Wawiorka; Hardcover; $13.49

Tell Me Why : Healthy Body Vol 13;
Public Performance; VHS Tape; $19.99

Total Nutrition : The Only Guide You'll Ever Need Vol 1;
Victor Herbert, et al; Paperback; $15.26

Trace Elements Hair Analysis and Nutrition;
Richard and Cranton, Elmer Passwater, et al; Paperback; $13.45

Trace Elements in Laboratory Rodents (Methods in Nutrition Research);
Ronald R. Watson; Hardcover; $69.95

Trailside's Trail Food;
John Veihman, Backpacker Magazine Editors; Paperback; $8.95

Training Nutrition : The Diet and Nutrition Guide for Peak Performance;
Ed Burke, et al; Paperback; $20.00

Transition to Vegetarianism : An Evolutionary Step;
Rudolph Ballentine; Paperback; $11.65

Treat Your Face Like a Salad! : Skin Care Naturally, Wrinkle-And-Blemish-Free Recipes and Gourmet Hints for a Fabu-Lishous Face;
Julia M. Busch; Paperback; $13.45

The Tri-Color Diet : A Miracle Breakthrough in Diet and Nutrition for a Longer, Healthier Life;
Martin Katahn; Hardcover; $20.70

The Tufts University Guide to Total Nutrition;
Stanley N. Gershoff, et al; Paperback; $14.40

Ultimate Fitness;
David Luna; Paperback; $16.95

Ultimate Sports Nutrition;
Frederick C. Hatfield, Frederick A. Harfield; Paperback; $14.35

The Ultimate Sports Nutrition Handbook;
Ellen Coleman, et al; Paperback; $13.45

Ultimate Training : Gary Null's Complete Guide to Eating Right, Exercising, and Living Longer;
Gary Null, Howard, Dr. Robins; Paperback; $9.85

The University of California San Diego Nutrition Book;
Paul, Ph.D. Saltman, et al; Paperback; $13.45

The Unmedical Book : How to Conquer Disease, Lose Weight, Avoid Suffering & Save Money;
Elizabeth Baker; Paperback; $11.95

The Usp Guide to Vitamins & Minerals;
U. S. Pharmacopeia; Mass Market Paperback; $6.29

The Vegetable Show Vol 1;
Laurene Krasny Brown, Brown Laurie Krasny; Hardcover; $13.45

Vegetarian Baby : A Sensible Guide for Parents;
Sharon Yntema; Paperback; $9.85

The Vegetarian Handbook;
Gary Null; Paperback; $9.85

The Vegetarian Handbook : Eating Right for Total Health;
Gary Null; Paperback; $12.55

The Vegetarian Mother and Baby Book;
Rose Elliot, et al; Paperback; $13.50

Vegetarian Pregnancy : The Definitive Nutritional Guide to Having a Healthy Baby;
Sharon K. Yntema, et al; Paperback; $11.65

The Vegetarian Teen (Teen Nutrition);
Charles Salter; Library Binding; $16.40

Vitamania : Vitamins in American Culture (Health and Medicine in American Society);
Rima D. Apple; Hardcover; $48.00

Vitamania : Vitamins in American Culture (Health and Medicine in American Society);
Rima D. Apple, Rima Apple; Paperback; $18.95

Vitamin Guide : Essential Nutrients for Healthy Living (Health Essentials);
Hasnain Walji, Huseri Waji; Paperback; $8.95

The Vitamin Revolution in Health Care;
Michael Janson; Hardcover; $20.66

Vitamins (Food Facts);
Rhoda Nottridge; Library Binding; $17.50

Vitamins and Minerals (Encyclopedia of Health. Healthy Body);
Don Nardo, Jane Samz; Library Binding; $19.95

Vitamins and Minerals : Questions You Have... Answers You Need;
Ellen Moyer; Hardcover; $6.99

Vitamins and Minerals : Questions You Have...Answers You Need;
Ellen Moyer; Paperback; $9.85

The Well-Fed Baby : Easy Healthful Recipes for the First 12 Months;
O. Robin Sweet, Thomas A. Bloom; Paperback; $10.80

The Wellness Encyclopedia of Food and Nutrition : How to Buy, Store, and Prepare Every Variety of Fresh Food;
Sheldon, M.D. Margen, Sheldon Margen; Hardcover; $26.96

Western Diseases : Their Dietary Prevention and Reversibility;
Norman J. Temple, Denis P. Burkitt; Hardcover; $49.50

What Are We Feeding Our Kids?;
Michael F., Ph.D. Jacobson, et al; Paperback; $8.05

What Should I Feed My Kids? : The Pediatrician's Guide to Safe and Healthy Food and Growth;
Ronald E. Kleinman, et al; Paperback; $9.90

What to Eat Now : The Cancer Lifeline Cookbook : And Easy-To-Use Nutrition Guide to Delicious and Healthy Eating for Cancer Patients, Survivors, and c;
Rachel Keim, Ginny Smith; Paperback; $14.95

What to Eat When You're Expecting;
Arlene Eisenberg, et al; Paperback; $8.05

What's in Our Food : Fact and Fiction About Fat and Fiber, Vitamins and Minerals, Nutrition and Contaminants;
Mia Parsonnet, Kathy Cadow Parsonnet; Paperback; $13.45

When I Eat (I'm Alive);
Mandy Suhr, Mike Gordon; Paperback; $5.35

When I Eat (I'm Alive);
Mandy Suhr, Mike Gordon; Library Binding; $17.50

Whole Food Facts;
Evelyn Roehl, Mary Elder Jacobsen; Paperback; $17.96

Why I Left Orthodox Medicine : Healing for the 21st Century;
Derrick, M.D. Lonsdale, Derrick Lonsdale; Paperback; $9.85

Why We Eat What We Eat : The Psychology of Eating;
Elizabeth D. Capaldi, Elizabeth Capaldi; Hardcover; $49.95

Why Women Need Chocolate : Eat What You Crave to Look Good & Feel Great Vol 1;
Debra Waterhouse; Hardcover; $17.96

Why Women Need Chocolate : Eat What You Crave to Look Good & Feel Great Vol 1;
Debra Waterhouse; Paperback; $9.85

The Woman's Advantage Diet;
Henry M.D. Mallek, Henry Mallek; Mass Market Paperback; $4.45

A Woman's Guide to Vitamins and Minerals;
Sherry Wilson Sultenfuss, Thomas J. Sultenfuss; Hardcover; $15.26

The Women's Health Companion : Self Help Nutrition Guide & Cookbook;
Susan M. Lark, Susan Lark; Hardcover; $24.26

The Women's Health Companion : Self Help Nutrition Guide & Cookbook;
Susan M. Lark; Paperback; $17.06

World Hunger : A Reference Handbook (Contemporary World Issues Series);
Patricia Kutzner; Hardcover; $39.50

The World's Oldest Health Plan;
Kathleen O'Bannon Baldinger; Paperback; $13.45

World-Class Diabetic Cooking : Great-Tasting Recipes from Around the World;
Kay Spicer; Paperback; $11.65

Young Chefs Nutrition Guide and Cookbook;
Carolyn E. Moore, et al; Paperback; $12.55

Your Body Is Your Best Doctor;
Melvin E. Page, et al; Paperback; $5.35

Your Body Knows Best : The Revolutionary Eating Plan That Helps You Achieve Your Optimal Weight and Energy Level for Life;
Ann Louise Gittleman, et al; Hardcover; $20.70

Your Family Will Love It! : Quick and Healthy Weekday Meals for the Hard-To-Please Vol 1;
Jean Rogers, Prevention Magazine; Hardcover; $25.16

Your Good Health Garden;
Pauline James; Hardcover; $8.95

Your Health Your Choice : Your Complete Personal Guide to Wellness Nutrition & Disease Prevention;
M. T. Morter, M. Ted Morter; Paperback; $13.45

Your Joy Ride to Health;
Bill Proxmire; Hardcover; $24.95

Your Personal Vitamin Profile;
Michael, Dr. Colgan, Michael Colgan; Paperback; $8.05

The Zone : A Revolutionary Life Plan to Put Your Body in Total Balance for Permanent Weight Loss/Cassette;
Barry Sears, Bill Lawren; Audio Cassette; $10.80


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