I loved the Portland Shamrock Run experience!

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Posted by Trenton Anderson on March 27, 19100 at 19:17:42:

I loved the Portland Shamrock Run experience!-Thank you! I thought it was
extremely well ran and organized-lots of water and even beer, clam
chowder, fruit, almost a carnival-like event. This was my first Race ever
of any length so I can not compare it to anything but I was more than
surprised. My only complaint is that I did not recieve the long sleve
t-shirt I pre-paid for. The shirt was $16.00 I would definately like the
momento. When I checked in the guy at the counter said i could pick it up
after the race. After the race I hoppled over to the counter and they told
me they had none left-sold out. Instead they took down my race number and
apperenly they are going to mail it to me. Could you check on this-thank
you and thank you again for making my first race experience memorable-the
results page looks good!