bus system for the Seattle St. Patrick's

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Posted by Casey Pierce on March 29, 19100 at 19:22:10:

I was really disappointed in the bus system for the Seattle St. Patrick's
Day Dash. We arrived plenty early. We got on the bus at the King Dome and
15 minutes on the bus we actually passed the King Dome. It was very
frustrating. I had signed up for the green wave as I was hoping to use
this as a second seed qualifier for Bloomsday in Spokane. I got to the
start five minutes after green had left and started a long with the red
wave. My official time was 31:45 roughly. However I started five minutes
plus late. I was amazed that their would be a bus driver hired who didn't
know their way around Seattle. It was very disappointing for myself and
many others who were on the same bus. Thanks! Casey Pierce