Triple Threat Triathlon at Fort Lewis

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Posted by Rob Penney on June 25, 19100 at 21:58:13:

Yesterday I ran the Triple Threat Triathlon at Fort Lewis, near Tacoma,
Washington. Until then I'd never even seen a triathlon, but liked the
idea. The race was well organized and the people were friendly, helpful,
and encouraging, more than at running races I'd been to. The weather was
good for a race, a light drizzle in the 60's (ah the joys of Western
Washington). The biking course is fairly flat and fast, with a good
number of turns. There were even over 20 door prizes at the end. The
only thing I can suggest is a better separation of runners and bikers
along the common road leading to the transition area; I had to slam on my
brakes and skid to avoid a runner who suddenly lurched right as I tried to
pass him on the right. Other than that it was a great time! Thanks to
Minerva, the charismatic race director, and all her helper!