Rainier to the Pacific Relay

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Posted by Dave on July 20, 19100 at 19:55:32:

This was a great event overall. The course was beautiful although posted
distances a bit off on some legs. Our team had a blast. The only
suggestion is to arrange for more volunteer support including a free tee
shirt or some other perk. The volunteers manning the checkpoints had a
thankless job. Certainly, at $550 a team there was plenty of $$ to throw
the volunteers a bone. Where does all that money go? Also, speedier
posting of the results would be appreciated. The post race awards ceremony
at the Shilo was unintelligible. Other than the top three teams in each
division it is a mystery how everyone else did. I realize the magnitude of
organizing an event like this but with teams spending this kind of money I
guess we expect a little more!