Ridge To Rails Trail Run

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Posted by Dave/North Bend on August 06, 19100 at 14:58:08:

What an incredible run! Truly something different as this was largely a
trail run. All the sponsors and volunteers should be applauded. The entire
event was well organized from the smooth check-in, the minute-per-mile
staging area on to the Finish Line. Beyond all the great "goodies" at the
start, the runners and walkers were then treated to a free barbecue, live
music by Jr. Cadillac and free beverages of the Red Hook variety...ummmm.
I have never had a better time at a run! This was the ultimate runner
friendly event. And this was the first year! Incredible planning by the
race committee. Ridge to Rails has set a new standard in the Puget Sound
running scene. Optiva and the many sponsors scored big with this event.
Everyone should put this on their running calendar for 2001.