Race for the Cure results

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Posted by Patti on September 19, 19100 at 21:10:29:

Is the results listed on the site complete? My friend and I are both
missing. Our numbers are not even listed (2905 and 2906), so I know we
are not the "unknown" runners. We both threw our timing chips into the
same barrel -- was one barrel omitted from the results?

Also, I agree with the previous posts about the runners going last and
having to wait, and most importantly, RUNNING OUT OF WATER!! If there is
more than one race being held, at least save an appropriate amount of
water for each wave! Follow the example of the Seattle Marathon, which
has separate water for marathoners and half-marathoners!

However, as poorly as this year's race was managed, it's a wonderful cause
and a lot of fun and I will continue to run it every year.