Spokane Marathon

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Posted by TANDY WINTERS, Missoula on October 24, 19100 at 18:08:22:

Just wanted to let the Bloomsday Road Runners Club know what a terrific
job they did on this run. It was my very first marathon and I had some
anxiety about many things, one of them being getting off course. There
were so many volunteers helping out and guiding me along that there is no
way I could have gone off track. Everyone always had a word or many of
encouragement as I passed. The real highlight was the entertainment at the
water stations. The kids hosting them were so encouraging and fun. The
music at some was helpful and the costumes and cheers were great. Also,
what a great idea to have vaseline available.

I had a truly amazing experience on this run and I plan to do it again.
Thanks to all of you for making it such a special experience for me. How
about flattening some of those hills out next year?

Tandy Winters, Missoula