Jingle Bell Run

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Posted by Larry Nakata on December 30, 19100 at 19:37:15:

Hi, again. I appreciate your quick response to me a week or so ago
regarding my finish time...and now I see that the results have been
adjusted from 29:47 to 30:40. Thanks for changing it, but the time is
still incorrect. I signed up on the day of the race. The tables were low
on green bibs so they gave me a white one with a green dot on it to
indicate that I was in the second group, not the third. My finish time
was 30:30, so the real time was 25:30, after deducting the 5-minute later
start. Does that make sense? I can see that by the time I tore off the
bottom half of the bib to give to the attendant that it was 30:40 when she
received it. Thanks again.