Big Glitch At Start Of Capital City Half-Marathon

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Posted by Gary Modun on May 28, 19101 at 13:24:13:

I'm an old guy, but still fairly fast over a distance so I seeded myself
about 5 rows back at the start of the half-marathon. (My projected finish
time was about 1:30 and change.) While waiting for the gun, I noticed
that none of the elite runners were in the middle of the front row. They
were in front, all right, but well off to the side. There were many
people in the first row who looked as though they didn't belong there, but
right in the middle was an overweight older couple who looked to be in
their 60's. I though to myself that this could bode trouble. Sure
enough, the split second the gun sounded, they were BOTH down and on the
blacktop while those of use behind had to skip and jostle around them to
keep from falling ourselves. Where were directions from the start
officials as to how runners should seed themselves? Sadly lacking, I
dare say. That more people didn't trip and fall over them could only be
atributed to deft maneuvering and good luck!