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Posted by kerry kyes on June 04, 19101 at 21:22:17:

pacing someone you are training in a race is common and pacers sometimes
register and sometimes not. those who don't usually know enough about
what is going on so they don't gate themselves at the end generating an
extra turkey tag. this is about some really careless pacing we saw last
weekend where someone who was really out of it was pacing a runner with a
large van, right behind and alongside their runner. anyone behind them
had to crawl up a real gnarly hilly 10k with their nose in an exhaust pipe
that would have done credit to a bus. i'm sure someone who was a race
regular would never do that, so i'm also sure that whoever it was will
never get this message, so i'm just blowing off steam, but one of those
people behind that van was my wife and she had to finish the race in the
midst of a bad asthsma attack generated by that thing. if this finds
itself to whoever it was, thanks, buddy, a whole lot from all of us.