Great Kilted Run

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Posted by Barb ara on July 12, 19101 at 21:41:19:

The Great Kilted Run is such a fun race, but it discriminates against kids
-- hopefully, this is not intentional and this message will open someone's
eyes to make necessary changes to treat them fairly. This year, the
shorter 1k walk/run was eliminated, so a field of people of all ages was
eliminated. The kids that ran the full 5k race did a magnificant job, and
I think the accomplishment of a youngster doing 5k could even be
considered relatively greater than the adults'doing the same distance.
However, the kids were not given much more than a 'there, there, kiddies'
and got ribbons for winning their divisions. The adults got beautiful
trophies and prizes for running the same distance. The overall winner who
ran without a kilt, clearly breaking the fun-spirited rules of this race,
was rewarded with a new Utilikilt rather than being disqualified. Not
recognizing the kids equally for equal distances while rewarding
'cheaters'doesn't exactly encourage young runners, and i hope this
oversight can be remedied. This is such a fun race, I hope it continues
ad infinitum -- but with some fine tuning to make it more fair. Thanks
for listening to my 2 cents' worth.