Great Kilted Run

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Posted by Beth on September 26, 19101 at 21:32:41:

I wanted to add my comment to Barbara's post regarding kids participating
in the Great Kilted Run. My son participated in the run this year; it was
only the second "official" run he'd ever done. He was 12, and had been
told that there was a "12 and under" category, so he was very excited when
he placed first. When award time came, though, the category was announced
as "under 12," and an 11-year-old was called up for the award. I think
it's very important that this be clarified in the future. My son was
patted on the head and given his ribbon after the fact, but not before
becoming pretty discouraged and disillusioned. I do think, too, that he
took note of the fact that the adults who had run the same distance were
awarded cool trophies instead of ribbons. He was having such fun up to
that point; the event IS a hoot! I would simply appreciate seeing it
fine-tuned to be a little more "kid friendly." Running a 5K (in a very
decent time, I might add!) was a big accomplishment for him.