Seattle's first real 10: AIDS Walk/Run 10k -09/22/02

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Posted by jon gissberg on September 23, 19102 at 19:30:54:

The 09/22/02 AIDS WALK/RUN from the Seattle Center through the breezeless,
sunny Myrtle Edwards and Elliott Bay Parks and back may be one of the
first 10K runs ever in Seattle where the organizers took the trouble to
post convenient, easy-to-pace markers every kilometer along the scenic
route. They also seem to have gone the extra mile - whoops, I mean KM - by
taking the extra trouble to sweep off all the loose gravel off the back
kilometer from the on-going construction which has constricted these
waterfront parks by as much as 33% of their original area. Strange how an
event which constituted 97% walkers provided a unique opportunty for the
10K running crowd. This message should not be interpreted by the Forum
Censor as a complaint/gripe about other local runs which not only ignore
KM markers but often fail to include mile markers (or put them so low and
off to the side that they are not visible when running in crowds)