Ankle Fusion 3 days post op

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Posted by Steven Creek on July 21, 19104 at 04:56:59:

I had my ankle fused on monday 6-7-05 came home the next day I have a plaster splint and ace wrap in place now and the dr told me he would put the cast on 5-16-05 when he takes the staples out. I am having my share of post op pain but even with this pain I think it will be worth it. I ha
d 3 previous surgerys to try to repair the ankle but suffered from pain and swelling with very little stability on a daily basis. I was wondering how long the surgical pain lasted for some of you? My dr told me that I would need the cast for 8-12 weeks. How long will recovery last in all I have
read some times it takes more than a year?