Capital City

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Posted by Monica Karlin on August 20, 19104 at 04:59:02:

I have to agree with everyone else that the hospitality and organization
of the Capital City Marathon was great. I was, however, disappointed when
I went to the stage to recieve my 2nd place award, only to hear that they
RAN OUT. That was a big deal to me because I have never placed in a
5-miler before, and I felt that with the price of the race and the time
and effort put in, making such a large mistake as not having enough awards
for all of the age groups (with this size race should NEVER happen) shows
a lack of appreciation to those participating. It was very humiliating to
openly celebrate this acheivement while walking up the stairs only to be
turned away empty handed in front of a big line of award winners. It was
also hard to see my friends beaming with plaques in hand and I had
nothing. I did finally get my medal.......3 MONTHS later. A mistake like
this may cause me to choose a different race for next year--one where I
can trust that my efforts will be fairly recogn! ized and my money