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  • Seattle Marathon - Race Report
     ©  Bob Dolphin
    published Jan. 9,  2005


    It seemed strange to stand as a spectator near the marathon and half marathon starting line at Millersylvania State Park near Olympia, Washington, on Sunday, December 19, 2004. I was following my doctor's orders to run only short races for awhile. Apparently, I have a lateral bend in my spine as a result of a recent left hip injury.

    I visited with some of my marathon buddies prior to the marathon start. Denny Brooks of www.ontherunevents.com was there and took my picture with some of them. (photos here) At 10:30 a.m. race director Bob Green gave instructions to the runners and started the race. I relocated a short distance to the starting area for the 1Mile, 5K, 10K, and 10 Mile combined start at 10:40 a.m. My race was the 5K, and it felt good to be running again. The weather was ideal with the temperature in the high 40's. The sun was hazy, and there was no wind for the shorter distances.

    The out-and-back course went from the park to a small hill on Tilley Road and back. When I reached the finish line at the park picnic shelter/race headquarters, my body was starting to tilt to the right.....so I knew I had chosen the right distance for the day. I finished in 32:45 (10:34), 22nd of 42 runners in the 5K

    Then I became a spectator again and watched the 10K, 10 Mile, half marathon and marathon runners cross the finish line. The picnic shelter was an ideal setting for an after-race gathering. Bob and his crew kept the stove fired up so the runners could stay warm. They provided coffee, hot cider, hot chili, cold cuts and cheese for sandwiches, chips, cookies, etc. so that everyone had plenty to eat.....including family members of the runners.

    Hot showers were available for those who wanted to change into clean clothes and stay awhile. This worked well for early finishers who were waiting for other runners still on the course. The Marathon Maniacs were well represented. I have listed them and marked an "MM" by their names on the partial race results that follow. Congratulations to Steven Yee, a founder of this group, who ran his 100th marathon at the Honolulu Marathon on December 12th. This makes him eligible to join the 100 Marathon Club North America. There are no dues and only one requirement for membership.....the completion of 100 marathons/ultras that are organized events.

    Lenore and a few other volunteers at the picnic shelter/finish area wore Santa Claus hats to impart the Christmas spirit to the event. As a finish line worker, she has witnessed some heartwarming events, such as marriage proposals by Uli Steidl and Larry Brown at the recent Seattle Marathon.

    The main event of the Christmas Marathon that she observed occurred after runners Jim Johnston of Columbia, MO, and Stephanie Peters of St. Louis, MO, crossed the finish line. Jim announced to everyone that he and Stephanie had just completed their first marathon. They had trained together for six months, and if they could make it through that, they could make it through anything. Then Jim asked a surprised Stephanie to marry him! He sank to one knee and placed an engagement ring on her finger.

    This happy occasion was witnessed by Jim's parents, Pam and Jim Johnston, of Overland Park, KS. The Johnstons were on a trip to celebrate their 28th wedding anniversary with relatives in Redmond and Kirkland, WA. Jim (senior) is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Marine Corps. Thanks go to Dr. Michael Allison, sports medicine specialist, for diagnosing my running injury and providing the medication and exercise regimen so that I was able to race in the 5K. Dr. Allison at age 53 is a runner himself. In his early running career he ran marathons in the 2:20-2:30 range. Now he specializes in the mile, running it in five minutes. At one time he authored a column on sports medicine in Northwest Runner Magazine. He's a knowledgeable practitioner at Valley Orthopedic Associates (Renton) who can relate to runners and their injuries from his own running interests and experiences.

    After spending most of the day in the start/finish area, I had an unusual opportunity to watch Bob Green as he coordinated six separate races. It was impressive! Thanks go to him, his wife Kristina Salazar and the volunteers for putting on another fun event.


    Find full Christmas Marathon Results here

    Partial Results.......Christmas Marathon (71 Finishers)
    2:51:50  Jeffrey Meyer, 25, New York, NY
    2:54:39  Brian Hurley, 24, Prineville, OR
    2:56:44  Eddie Diaz, 49, Portland, OR
    2:59:24  Gregg Walchli, 42, Seattle, MM
    3:06:30  Robert Hester, 31, Bonney Lake, MM
    3:06:54  Tony Phillippi, 43, Seattle, MM
    3:08:16  Ruben Contreras, 50, Stanwood, MM
    3:22:16  Jennifer Yogi, 29, Seattle, MM
    3:23:45  Annie Thiessen, 37, Tacoma, MM
    3:27:55  Becky Redding, 40, Beaverton, OR,
    3:40:10  Steven Yee, 45, Renton, MM
    3:40:25  David Jones, 58, Seattle, MM
    3:44:45  Guy Yogi, 50, Seattle, MM
    3:44:57  Olga Varlamova, 35, Tigard, OR, MM
    4:04:51  Rick Haase, 59, Shoreline
    4:08:35  Jim Kunz, 56, Seattle
    4:08:37  Ron Fowler, 57, Seattle
    4:14:26  Virginia Rodriguez, 34, Yakima
    4:16:10  Ed Hansen, 58, Stayton, OR
    4:20:25  Ruth Balf, 53, Seattle, MM
    4:29:25  Mel Preedy, 71, Ravensdale, MM
    4:32:40  Sue Fauerbach, 57, Renton, MM
    4:48:55  Fenny Roberts, 52, Salem, OR, MM
    4:48:57  Jim Scheer, 62, Vancouver, WA, MM
    4:56:12  Herb Allen, 62, Bainbridge Island, MM
    5:46:49  Krissa Mattox, 17, Bend, OR
    Partial Results.................Half Marathon (122 Finishers)
    1:16:57  Dan Salazar, 39, Tacoma
    1:17:21  Jeff Brady, 35, Maple Valley
    1:22:32  Julio Martinez, 34, Alava, Spain
    1:25:26  Laura Matsen, 22, Seattle
    1:29:30  Rebecca Hillary, 28, Portland, OR
    1:30:29  Annika Swanson, 22, Bainbridge Island
    1:46:15  Fred Durbin, 58, Carnation
    1:43:12  Steve Fredrickson, 58, Kent, MM
    2:00:30  Phillip Walchli, 49, Stanfield, OR, MM
    3:14:56  Alex Wade, 10, Bothell
    3:14:57  Richard Wade, 40, Bothell
    3:14:58  Bryan Wade, 14, Bothell
    3:14:59  Viki Wade, 41, Bothell
    Partial Results..................10 Miler (11 Finishers)
    1:14:11  Peter Ostertay, 46, Woodinville
    1:16:54  Brian Evans, 21, Olympia
    1:32:24  Megan Webb, 23, Salem, OR
    1:32:42  Araya Williams, 25, Keizer, OR
    1:34:44  Kristen Abbott, 25, Olympia
    1:34:47  Paul Stark, 35, Allyn
    2:17:39  Sidney Reid, 30, Olympia
    Partial Results.........10K
       43:15  Rylan Wirkkalu, 22, Longview
       43:30  Chris Matthews, 54, Olympia
       44:15  Millena Basile, 22, Seattle
       44:24  Tyler Bremer, 15, Elma
       47:29  Laurie Ummel, 38, Everett
       47:49  Karen Smith, 34, Bremerton
       47:54  Erick Kerttula, 33, Poulsbo
    1:00:23  Jimmy Smith, 64, Bremerton
    1:58:08  Tara Smith, 33, Fall City
    Partial Results.......5K (42 Finishers)
       18:59  Jim Nau, 35, Portland, OR
       20:55  Cody Sisco, 14, Elma
       21:25  Joel Mailand, 30, Graham
       21:38  Jay Lindbergh, 53, Lakewood
       23:24  Catrina Clarke, 24, Tacoma
       23:26  Kelli Beechy, 23, Salem, OR
       25:33  Carrie Pogoreik, 20, Centralia
       32:45  Bob Dolphin, 75, Renton
    1:04:12  Lynthia Betz, 42, Tacoma
    1:04:12  Colleen Fowler, 39, Tacoma
    1:04:12  Mike Betz, 42, Tacoma
    Results........1 Mile
     6:20  Bill Hughes, 53, Sammamish
     7:50  Bob Firth, 52, Olympia
    13:05  Jacqueline Murphy, 66, Olympia
    16:56  Ted Perkins, 56, Olympia

     Written by Bob Dolphin


    # # #


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