chronic ankle pain

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Posted by Amy on April 18, 19101 at 19:16:50:

I am 15 years and almost three years ago I sprained my ankle (may 1998). I
was having bad pains on the outside of my ankle and it was swollen.
Doctors could not find out what was wrong even with x-rays, MRI, and
physical therapy. A year later I had exploratory surgery (May 1999). When
they did this they found that the muscle belly had move down and
compressed the tendon. They supposedly fixed that during the surgery
though. About three months later I was still swollen and was unable to put
my heel down which made me walk on my toes. I was also not able to wear
socks or shoes that touched that area due to sensitivity. I then went to
another doctor and he did a nerve block where the pain was. I was able to
walk perfectly fine with my heel on the ground but it only last about two
hours. Then in February 2000 he did surgery and said that the nerve
branched off into scar tissue so he removed that part of the nerve. The
only difference from the surgery is I am now able to wear socks that come
over my ankle. I have had physical therapy, cortisone shots, 3 MRI,
several X-rays, used a TENS unit and not seems to help. What do I do next?

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