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Posted by Billy Stanfield on March 20, 19102 at 04:56:18:

Hello everyone,

I am a cross country and Track and field athlete at North Idaho College.
The college has just recently announced that NIC will be having budget
cuts this year. The recommendation was that the NIC track and field team
and Cross country team should be cut. One of the big things that they said
is that people just "don't really care about that sport." It's pretty
crappy. All That I am asking is that you read this and do what you can do.
The more the better so tell your friends who would care. Thanks a whole
bunch A dedicated runner Billy Stanfield

As we have discussed in the previous months, NIC's Board of Trustees,
along with the President and Athletic Director of the college, are
destined to make a decision on which of NIC's athletic teams they will
have to eliminate to meet budget cuts stemming from a nationwide
recession. This decision will be made by the March 27th Board of Trustees
meeting; therefore, we do not have much time to act. Our action will
revolve around getting as many people to voice their support of your
individual efforts within our Track & Field and Cross Country programs, as
well as what the programs do for the campus and greater community.

What can you do? Mainly, we ask that you get as many people to write
letters or e-mails to one, or both, of the following people:

Dr. Michael Burke
President's Office
1000 West Garden Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Mr. James Headley
Athletic Director
1000 West Garden Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Also, please be sure to send a copy of that letter to me, or copy me on
the e-mail that you send, so that I may be able to keep an accurate count
on how many supporters responded. My information is as follows:

Lewis Watkins
Track & Cross Country
1000 West Garden Ave.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814

Finally, please remember that it is
important to stay constructive in their your and to do all that we can to
not digress to degrading anyone. This is a tough decision and one that is
not intended to be personal. However, I do encourage you to be honest and
passionate about your support for you and our programs and the impact that
we make in this community and beyond.

Thank you all for your immediate attention on this issue. We must act
swiftly and with great purpose, as we are fighting for the past, present
and future of our programs. We have a great tradition here at NIC and it
is time to stand for what is right.

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