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Posted by Adam Gauthier on December 10, 19103 at 20:52:46:

I'm currently reading your world famous book "Lore of Running" and enjoy
it very much. However, I have a specific issue that I can't find an answer
to. I'm a 27 year old student-athlete at a state college and I joined the
team at the end of last yearís indoor season. I ran the 400 and 800 meter
for the out door season and was very slow (It was a learning experience
and was my first attempt at the sport of running).

I ran about 15 miles a week during the summer and lifted weights two-three
times a week over the summer. In September I jumped into the Cross Country
season and ran eight 8 kilometer races. At the end of the Cross Country
season my PR was 36.26 (25 miles a week of tempo running for four months)
and since I joined the team I have suffered from perennial tendonitis in
the right ankle, tracking issues (not from structural problems) with the
left patella and now a trained right hip flexor.

My issue is that I am jumping from injury to injury. How can I get faster
and reach my full potential if every time I make the transition from LSD
to speed workouts or high mileage, I get injured and end up back on the
trainerís table?

My coach is the same age and has been coaching the team since last
September. He is a good coach, but is unable to grasp the situation and
thinks it's because I am new to the sport and not very talented. This
frustrates be because I have what it takes to run respectable times, but
unable to prove myself when injured. I know for a fact that I can run fast
times because a few time in between injuries I have ran very well and fast
in practice.

My questions are:

1. How can I reduce injury and improve my times?
2. How can you improve performance when injured?
3. Where is the line between injury and hard training?
4. How do you know when you're at your limit and about to risk injury?
5. Can anyone reach excellence? 6. How many years will it take for my body
to handle the training needed to succeed? 7. How can I become a stronger
runner (my coach thinks LSD is the only answer)?

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