post ankle surgery and tarsal tunnel released

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Posted by Nancy on September 19, 19104 at 19:14:27:

Hi there,
I had my right ankle surgery on Jul 22 2004 and had my cast taken out on Sep 17 2004. My procedure is very similar to subtalar fusion (in terms of the position of screws being put into the heel bone) except it is not fusingthe subtalar joint but rather grafting a wedge of my heel bone so that the
heel bone can be more aligned. My accident in 2003 has resulted in the heel bone not feeling in a proper shape.

After this surgery, I am experiencing tremendous pain at the screw heads where every single step (with very little weight bearing) hurts so much. There is so much stress and tension felt there. My doctor told me that my bones have healed and should start weight bearing little by little. Starting
PT soon.

I would appreciate any feedback on the similar pain post surgery.
Is this pain normal?
How long does it take for this pain to go away? Is it too early to put weight on?
Should I continue with weight bearing (even 10%) and PT with this tremendous weight or should I just let it heal for a couple more weeks?

I also have tarsal tunnel released. What is the implication of this procedure in terms of pain, mobility, nerve, etc?

The heel pain is excruciating. Any help is appreciated..... thanks, nancy

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